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>> frankenstein is running for office, but get something
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competition from adolph hitler. real people up for election in a state in northeast india. also on the ballot. candidates named process, highlander predecessor, and fairly burt. the history professor in the area says people started naming their children after random english words and names and the trend stuck. sometimes the locals don't understand the connection between the name and the thing over here, not like adolph hitler. photos have churchill, roosevelt, and several kennedys in office. instant certain your joke here. that's it for the b. hope you have a great weekend and it's not freezing wherever you are. the dow? the next time they tell you everything is table, no it isn't. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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>> a kick in the gas. look what is rising even faster than stocks and more consistently. welcome everybody. i'm neil harwell. -- neil cavuto. headed higher, 3.78 a gallon, and the reason this is happening, they're getting weirder. >> one thing we have to do is keep on making our overall economy use less oil. >> neil: but what is all this about how much energy we're using, but not how much energy we're getting? because we're not getting as much as we can. the oil watch, on what is really behind the pain at the pump. what is it? >> certainly not consumption. that statement from president obama is ridiculous. if you look at u.s. oil consumption, it's been declining for a long time now. last year we consumed 18.6 million barrels of oil a day, which i the same amount we consumed in 1996.
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so u.s. oil consumption is going down. not about the u.s. consuming more oil. western european oil consumption is going down. i you want to know where the growth is coming. , it's emerging marks like champion and india. china consumes two barrels of oil per person per year compared to the u.s. at 22 and at it just going to keep going -- >> it's not how much we're using but access to how much we're getting? the president says he has been more open to opening up land than anyone prior. you say what? >> well, i don't think so. obviously the u.s. energy companies are having some success. u.s. oil production has been rising for three years. u.s. and canada are the only two countries outside opec, showing any growth at all. but there's a lot more we can do. another big problem is the enable to build new pipelines to actually move oil from all these new fields in north dakota, down to the gulf coast where we have refineries. and look at southern california. southern california has some of the highest gas prices in the united states.
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over $5 a gallon in some places. the main reason for that? refiners can't make any money in california. they don't want to invest in california because of the environmental regulations making it more and more expensive. in fact, one of the largest refineries in the united states, valero, wants to sell their refineries in california and pull out of the state entirely. >> you know to hear my next guest tell it, it is time to pump it up. not only with the keystone pipeline, but it would help bring on 250,000 new jobs. u.s. chamber of commerce president. >> great to be here. >> neil: everyone seems to think the president, when he does decide on this, will decide to resume it. much to environmentalists chagrin. what too you think the fallout will be from that? >> i think at some point as far down the road as he can push it, it will be approved, and i would say there are three overriding
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reasons. the third being the most interesting. first of all, it's a great way to get more oil to the right place at a reasonable price and have an affect on prices. second, when people don't usually think about but which your guest mentioned you have to get the oil to the refinery. >> you're not in that camp that says keystone is really all the candidates benefit, not your benefit? >> no. it's to our benefit. >> she the environmentis say we get very little bang for the buck and destroy the environment. >> i suggest that's what destroys the environment, doesn't recognize we are in the only major sophisticated economy that has been improving our environment for a long period of time, including europe. the big other issue on why we have to do this, our relationship with canada, who are extraordinary people in helping the united states all the time, and we helping them.
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will be seriously deter you're -- deteriorating. >> they look like they're going to have a revolution against us if we turn this down? why is so it big to them? that begs the issue, this must be more important to canada than to us. >> no. i think the big issue with them now has gotten personal because whenever we need troops here or troops there or help in the u.n., the canadians feel like they always get there and for long periods of time they nile have been ignored. i thought secretary -- the new secretary of state, kerry-went out in his first meeting was with canadian foreign minister. i thought that was smart. >> neil: very smart strategy. i want to -- this whole battle over how to solve the illegal immigration, i want the chamber's position known. at it creating hackles within
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the republican community what is it that you -- you obviously want to make sure we have some rights, legal people here, but -- you tell me. what is the overall goal of the chamber. >> it's not about necessarily solving a mess. it's about filling a fundamental need. 10,000 people a day retiring in the united states every day. we're an aging population. now we have 11 -- maybe 11 million workers in the united states, and lots of companies -- countries that are here ill leally and we have to get some form of legalization so we can -- i'm not saying citizenship but they have to have i.d., we have to be able to get their taxes, put them to work. >> neil: i want to get into some who interpret that as the cameber's way of saying, any type of high-tech labor we can get, particularly, is better from over there if we don't have it over here, so speed up the process. >> on the high-tech labor, we
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train enemy our universities and we used to keep them. now they're going home to work elsewhere, and if we can't keep enough of them, then there's no choice but to send the work with them where the workers are. >> neil: you don't want to chase them away. >> no. we need a lot of workers on the other end of the system, particularly parttime workers who work in seasonal things, you know. entertainment places, agriculture, all kinds of people in california are growing their plants now,, in mexico and movig them in. >> neil: so it's not a chamber's quest for cheap labor. >> not at all. hough would i make a deal with the afl-cio. it's a quest for competent labor, ready to work nell neil the republican who is normally fan of the chamber said this about the chamber's immigration position. i want you to respond to this. the chamber's primary goal has never been to establish a lawful
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immigration system but to get as much cheap labor, no matter how hi impacts americans. normally i commend the chambers for its initiatives. this is not an example of that. what say you? >> i suggest jeff probably had a staffer that didn't know what the hell he was talking about. >> neil: the impression you represent business interests who don't care about what kind of labor as long as it's more likely cheap labor, is better than the alternative. >> we have been trying to get a rational immigration program for three presidents. now, we need to stop for a minute and remember who we are. we are a nation of immigrants. of people that had the courage to come here to bring their skills and hard work here, and you track the extraordinary success of this economy over all
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of our time, and you'll find immigrants had a critical place here. >> neil: do you think whoever and whatever we do with these millions who are here illegally, the president says they would go naturally the back of the line in the citizenship process but many have crunched the numbers and looked at the various ways you get there many could move ahead. on that line, and that's not fair. >> let me go to a more fundamental issue. those people that are here have to have some legal as they're ne want to get rid of. because they're criminals or something. >> a lot of states have given them that. so by the definition of having those documents, wouldn't they be moving technically to the front of the line? >> i'm not going to duck that but i'm going to tell you what we need -- there's a lot of discussion in the senate and house and bipartisan. , in the business community, we'll find a way to do that in a fair and open way. but if you were a citizen -- let's take mexico -- and you
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decided to get on the line and come here legally it could take you 25 years. >> neil: you're right. the reason i mention this, i could see some republicans' point you do sound more aligned to the obama approach to this than their approach. >> you know, i don't run the republican national committee. what i do is represent the american business community who believes that one of the three fundmental things in an enterprise economy is human capital, and we don't have enough of it. >> neil: that doesn't seem like amnesty. >> absolutely not. it wouldn't work. i am -- bads i don't want a situation that gives everybody -- thinks they ought to hurry up before it happens and most of them don't come over the border. most get a visa, fly into the united states and then disappear, and there's a lot we can do about that. where we are now, we desperately need a legality system, we need
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high-tech people. we need special parttime and seasonal workers. why too you think that my extraordinary discussions and working relationship on this subject with mr. trunk that runs the afl-cio, because we both understand this is all about human capital. >> neil: you seem to be ticking everybody off. >> i've done that before. so have you. >> neil: by this team next week all be zombies though street, and mr. ed on our dinner plates, but before we get to those cuts to come, maybe, maybe time to cut to the chase. they won't be that bad. and we won't be eating mr. ed. miralax or metamucil may take days to work. for faster relief, try dulcolac laxative tablets. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. dulcolac provides gentle relief overnight
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>> neil: i don't know what the president is planning this weekend but if i see him with so much as a golf club, after the way he scared me with this whole sequestration stuff, i almost lost my appetite. talking about the horse thing and everything else. i'm teeing up a major deadline drama of my own. if i see him playing this week depend -- my goodness, to hear the white house, the automatic cuts, you can kiss your vary safety goodbye to former south carolina republican senator, now heritage foundation honcho. jim, we need to step back and realize. you know how these came about and -- i don't mean to minimize them but they're relatively small and doesn't mean we're going to use beef inspectors and have hundred office thousanded of mental tally ill people on the streets without their meds. someone has to calm down here.
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>> well, sequestration is a washington word that no one knows what it means. these are modest cuts except on the military side. the military is only 20% of budget, 50% of the cuts are coming from the military, and i shouldn't even use the words cuts. i'm falling into that trap again. >> neil: that's right. we're shaving the growth. >> this year and next year and every year for the next ten years than we spent last year. >> neil: what does that tell you? if cutting what amounts amountsa rounding error creates this big dustup and panic, we have to get serious. not going to be able to do it. >> we have to balance our budget in ten years and this should be just the beginning of the things weed in to trim become. unfortunately we're not talking bat lot of things where we can save a lot of money by letting the states do more and do it better.
1:18 pm
we don't need to -- if we have to take the cuts cuts or rubbin- reductions on the military side to get cuts, that's what we have to do. i hope democrats and republicans will not try to stop this slight increase in spending and look in other ways, particularly the area0s waste and duplication. we have to trim back the growth of spending. >> neil: i want to be clear. a lot of people -- the defense secretary -- i need to hear from you who knows these numbers better than anyone. do they just fire a bunch of beef inspectors and does that mean our beef isn't safe and that come next week at this time, there's a possibility we'll be eating horse meat? are they serious in. >> well, they have a little trouble with the truth in this white house. the president can cut those things but doesn't need to --
1:19 pm
>> neil: there are many other areas in the budget which he could cut. why immediately go -- >> and all the police men and firemen and teachers behind him. they don't work for the federal government. the federal government shouldn't be paying their salaries anyway. so, the president is -- it's really hard to work with a person who won't tell the truth. just like what he was talking about on immigration, and every other issue that comes up. it's hard to deal with him if he won't deal with the facts. >> neil: , always good to see you. everyone might want to next friday become a catholic because it's lent. you eat fish. i can't eat meat. just to be on the safe side. just for a day. just saying. so now we know. those dramatic -- draconian cuts are not so draconian. so when the president says immigration is not a giveaway to illegals.
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>> neil: forget the cuts that are not happening. focus on the illegality who apparently aren't leaving to hear some angry arizona town-hallers giving their two cents to one john mccain. that argument that illegals will be politely moving to the back of the line as they cue up for citizenship is a bunch of you know what. jan brewer shares their concerns. the governor joins me right now. governor, what do you make of that, and furthermore, we just
1:24 pm
had the chamber of commerce saying he likes this idea that at least both sides are cobbling together something that will move a lot of these folks to citizenship, and the chamber endorses that. >> well, you know, i believe that the people of arizona strongly believe that they need to get in the back of the line and do it the way that everybody else has done it. bottom line, neil, we know we need a work force, there could be work series saturday but not citizenship. i think the majority of the people do not support that, and it's going to be a hard push. i don't think any of it's going to happen until the border is secure. >> neil: there's so many compete ideas, marco rubio, and the president, and different players. but one thing that is consistent is this promise that the illegals who are here will simply have to move to the back of that proverbial line, but if
1:25 pm
it is an eight-year plan, as the chamber was saying, you can go through the process now as an outsider coming in, it could take two decades or more. so by definition at least some could be moving ahead of those who are doing all the things right legally. right? >> absolutely. and there's a process. there's rules, and they ought to be followed, because you break the law, you ought not to be excused and give special -- be given special privilege. i think basically that's the sentiment of the majority of the people in the united states. they can get a work visa. but the pathway to citizenship by jumping in front of other people and making special cbs, i don't think is going to sell very well. i know everybody is trying to solve the problem, but it's not right. it's not fair. and i don't think the general
1:26 pm
population is going to go for it. >> neil: what did you make of john mccain's argument to the town-hallers, we got a wall. a wall is up. we're moving along on enforcing the border and policing it, and this guy didn't buy it. this critic of the senator's. arizona just of the view we're just dropping the ball on enforcing and looking after the bored? >> our bored is not secure. our fences aren't completed. we don't have enough people on the ground. i was just town there last week. within with the national guard. i was in a blackhawk. i saw them on the other side. the drug cartels, ready to come across the n the middle of the night. it is not secure. the ranchers will tell you, if you sit down and talk to them, they're fearful, the border patrol is too far north. they need to get closer to the border because they let them go so far, and then they blend in, and they're destroying their land and destroying their cattle, destroying their water,
1:27 pm
they're frustrated. and i believe that until the ranchers, law enforcement, is satisfied and the border is secured, there's not going to be a whole out love movement. >> neil: a promise of the administration is to secure or tight 'the border. you need more than that. >> we need operational control. they do operational control in a lot of areas. why they won't do it in arizona is beyond me. >> governor, thank you. good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: seeking justice for the good doctor who helped bring osama bin laden to justice. the pakistanis have himming locked up. meet the business guy who says, that is messed up. come sunday he wants these guys to speak up. s ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed.
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>> neil: apparently we got some snow. folks in new england are bracing for the third straight weekend of heavy snow, as what has become routine, another blizzard. to mike tobin in nebraska. this is getting over the top. >> people are kind of digging out slowly, and by slowly, i say that because people took the day off work, they were out of school, so the traffic is back out on the road.
1:32 pm
the sun is out and the roads are wet. they may become a little treacherous when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop. but the road crews are giving credit to the people who elected to stay home and stay off the roads. they were able to get out and do their jobs without any kind of hinderance. you saw truckers stop for the night. people who wanted to drive got stuck on the road. airport, hundreds of flights cancelled, particularly out of chicago, and on the east coast, people are looking to do it all over again as more bad weather is predicted. you also have to look at the silver lining. you remember remember how bad the corn crop did last summer because there wasn't enough water. all the snow that came in here is going to melt and go to the missouri live, flow to the mississippi, right at the spot where they so desperately need it to get the barges up and town the big river. >> neil: it's not over. janice steen, the weather
1:33 pm
machine, is tracking the storm. >> 20 inches in parts of kansas. look at these snow totals. one of the biggest storms the central plains has seen in really decades in some cases. over a foot of snow for a lot of folks in kansas and nebraska. that's where the bull's eye was, and forecasters did a good job of showing people where we were thinking where the most snow would be. look at the last 48 hours. you can see the evolution of the storm in the sweat. we tons of snow in kansas and nebraska, the icy mix, and we have a stalled frontal boundary that is bringing us off next west inch the midwest, weathered a risery for snow, and then a snow-sleet-freezing rain mix. freezing rain advisory in new jersey and pennsylvania, and for the next weathermaker, winter
1:34 pm
weather advisory. and a flood advisory, and watching the next computer model. some of the moisture from the storm we saw across the midwest is now going to push north and bring us our next weathermaker, north and west of boston could get six to 12 inches more. winter is not over yet. >> neil: i love you dearly but you got to stop this. >> it's 84 degrees in orlando. >> neil: good to know. janice, thank you very much. janice dean on this relentless weather machine. okay? now from the snow to the show. los angeles, of course, preparing for oscar night on sunday. but one man says the stars have forgot '"zero dark thirty" "no. the man who led to us bin laden. locked up in a pakistani prison
1:35 pm
for 33 years. todd is leading a charge to get hollywood to speak up. will they? >> i'm hoping they will. i mean, when i -- i was in washington, dc last week, meeting with congressional committee over issues pertaining to the way money was being spent on health care, and i was with representative dan a rohrabacker, and he happened to invite me into a meeting where they were discussing dr. afridi, and at that point i knew very little about him or what his plight was. and when i learned this was the man who pin pointed the location of osama bin laden and the man who had been left behind by america to sit in a prison for 33 years with the very militants that have been out there killing american soldiers, i just went to my wife and said, something's got to be done. and the best stage i could think of to get something done would
1:36 pm
be the academy awards, where "zero dark thirty" is front and center and but for the terrific work they did in that film, dr. afridi might really be left behind. neil harwell i can't imagine the stars of the film -- it has a lot of nominations -- but that his story is an obvious one for any of them who might come up for an award. >> well, what is extraordinarily frustrating is that a lot of people were critical of some of the scenes in the movie for some portrayals of the way people were treated. terrorists were treated. and here's a story about man who actually was responsible for pinpointing osama bin laden and without this man there might not be a movie.
1:37 pm
there might not be this story. >> neil: and if you can accept the torture of the 30-plus year prison sentence for him, and not say boo about it, and others in hollywood make a big stink about the way the movie might or might not endorse torture as a means of getting information, that is at least to me a mixed message. >> yes. this the man is sitting in prison, being tortured on a regular basis, for sacrificing his life, his family, their integrity, being ostracized, losing their jobs in pakistan, so that he could do what he was supposed to do for the american government. and then when it came time to get him out of pakistan, is a understand it, there was an error made in some of the travel documents and he could have gotten out but did not want to leave the country without his wife, who would not have gotten out. so he stayed behind. he was arrest. he was bound.
1:38 pm
he was blindfolded, and he has been tortured for many, many months, and so this stage seems like the perfect opportunity to call this to the attention of the world, and hopefully the writers, one of the actors on the red carpet, any of the people that are being honored in any of the movies, will be able to just alert the world that, but for capturing osama bin laden, but for this chance to be in the spotlight, they might not be there are there if it wasn't for what this map -- man did had osama bin laden not been captured and kills. >> all his friends and colleagues said don't cooperate with the americans, it will be your life, and he did anyway. you're absolutely right. robert, we shall see. >> i would encourage anybody who is interested in the story to go to freeafrida doppler.
1:39 pm
there's a letter from congressman rohrabacker, an ad in the hollywood reporter, the information that people need in order to tell their friends, and do their part. >> neil: osama bin laden is dead because of that guy. meanwhile to hear the white house tell it these two had a good conversation. why ahead of the showdown next week that has one republican, well, off the hook. now, the mail guys are hoping to nail us. does lance have a chance?
1:40 pm
1:41 pm
1:42 pm
>> neil: goodbye. >> neil: goodbye automatic spending. my next guest has just one message to speaker boehner as congress returns. don't cave. are you afraid he will? >> i don't know if he is going to cave or not. my concern is that just about the speaker. it's about the republican conference.
1:43 pm
i think the republican conference needs to use its majority to control spending and it seems like historically -- i've only been here about a month and a half -- but historically seems like everytime the president comes to the table we tax increases we as republicans vote for it, and i think it's important, given we know we have an exceptionally liberal and aggressive president, who is committed to tax increases at every turn. it's important for us to use our majority to prevent him from doing that. >> neil: you will use the sequestration cuts that automatically go in effect as the lesser of two evils. accept them if the alternative were to raise taxes. so you're ready for the fire from that? >> well, let's be really clear. the sequester is terrible policy. it was designed to be terrible policy. >> neil: i understand that. but you would accept that over any talk of a tax hike, and so should speaker boehner? >> well, here is the thing.
1:44 pm
we have already voted twice to unwind the sequester, and it is passed. that was before i got there and neither the senate democrats or the senate wanted to hear it. so the answer is, yes, we need to unwind the sequester. you don't do it by raising tacks-especially given the fact that 50 days ago republicans voted to raise taxes. >> you're dead set against miami talk of revenues and any further discussions. >> listen, we have right now in american history the highest tax revenue we have ever had. now is not the time to turn and say we don't have enough revenue. now this time say how do we control spending? we have opportunities to control spending. the continuing resolution is one of them. the sequester is another, and the debt limit is another. we need to use our leverage as the majority to force the president to come to the table with entitlement reforms and other spending control. >> all right, congressman, thank you very-very much.
1:45 pm
now to how the president is handling the deadline, calmly if you ask the "new york times," but is he? >> it will jeopardize or military reddiness, it will eadvice rate job creating investments in education and energy and medical research. federal prosecutors will have to close cases and let criminals go. the airport security will see cutbacks. these cuts are not smart, not fair, they will hurt our economy. they will add hundreds of thousands of americans to the unemployment role. >> massachusetts democrat congressman, that doesn't sound like calm talk to me. that sounds like scary talk. >> well, facts are sometimes scary. what the president said is facts -- >> neil: if this stuff was coming why would be go golfing and why would you be off? >> i agree with you. we voted to stay in. we should be there.
1:46 pm
but being there and doing something are two different things. >> neil: i understand that -- >> yet aim other hearing from the other side is a not possible. >> neil: you're pragmatic but for the president to go away, knowing all these problems were on the way and we would see all these cuts and beef inspector cuts and all the other hellacious things that were to happen, man, i wouldn't leave the white house. i would be going 24/7. >> i understand what you're saying, but with today's modern technology, telephones -- >> neil: on the golf course? you don't have to scare people -- >> well -- >> neil: do you real. >> tell people the truth. neil harwell riddle me this. if you running the department of agriculture and you know under your purview or beef inspectors down to picket fences on federal property, wouldn't you sooner be looking at cutting the picket fences than you would beef inspectors so -- >> people are personally -- i
1:47 pm
truly hope they will do all of those things first. these cuts are deep. >> neil: they're not. the one they mention first is the threat of maybing having horse meat. you know that's outrageous. >> i don't think the president said that. neal neal he said that beef inspectors might be cut. what does that lead americans to believe about horse meat in europe? >> that presumes the meat producers are going to feed us horse meat. >> neil: it's a scare tactic. >> it is not. >> neil: from george bush when talk about more fund fog are iraqi troops, there's a level at which you have to calm down, bring it down, dial it back, and both sides agree to the sequestration. and just do it back. >> the point is what is going to happen when these cuts come, and people need to know that. i understand that no one wants to hear bad news. i get that. but at the same time when the cuts come, say it this week or next week, either way they're
1:48 pm
going to happen. >> neil: let's say they do happen. i don't think nearly to the degree of horror the way the president outlined them. what does that say about the state of willingness on the part of both parties to address cutting spending is greeted as everything short of armageddon. that doesn't give me much constance in your colleagues right and left are going to get neglect done. >> i think you're right to have little confidence. i don't have much confidence. right now the approach towards compromise does not exist in washington. we have -- you just heard the person on before me. absolutely no discussion other than anything they want. they want to use this to cripple the government. i get that. >> neil: you're the same way about revenues better be included or don't talk to me. >> i think compromise is compromise. i have -- >> neil: your idea of compromise, better have revenues and that's being flexible. the other guy saying rev nye is not on the table are, is not
1:49 pm
flexible. >> how is not flexible to say i will do things i don't like. how is that being inflexible, but he has to do something doesn't like, and if he says, ail want is cuts, well, okay, i respect that. >> neil: he is intransgent about tax hikes the other side is being intransgent -- what will you. >> how am i being intransigent? we have already cut $2.4 trillion and i'll talk about additional cuts if put on the table in a thoughtful mannerism did not vote for the sequester because i think we have a responsibility to actually make thoughtful cuts and across the board cuts are not that. neil congressman, good seeing you. thank you very much. it's the mailman versus this male. is this a case the government should be fighting? this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked.
1:50 pm
five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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>> is lance about to get lapsed? the department of justice jumping in on a lawsuit against lance armstrong, playing his doping -- >> we talk to the legal analyst. what do you think? >> talk about piling on. yes, lance is probably disgraced forever, and he is really, really in a bad place right now, but i don't think the u.s. has any real chance of winning a trial. at best they get a settlement. they're going to get a very small fraction of money here because the truth is, while lance was being sponsored by the post office, they were making millions off of him. and now -- >> neil: how were they making millions? >> they were sponsoring hip and as his lawyer said, he was promoting their business, and that was the whole point of the
1:54 pm
sponsorship. they give him money in exchange for the press, the attention, and that's exactly what they got. long before his name got drug through the mud. >> can we talk about the law? whether the damages are there or not that's a question we can discuss. is he in a bad spot? worse than a bad spot. he was fraud lent with the post office, under the false claims act he submitted something saying i don't do drugs, i do nothing. i'm as clean as neil, so come on. and his lying the whole time and he's suing other people. they absolutely have a case under the false claims act. >> neil: have you soon the post office reputation and -- >> applesapples and oranges. >> neil: happy further? >> you have to look -- i know you're perry mason in your off time. >> neil: yes, i am. >> watch a lot of law and order. >> neil: that's why i'm listening to every word.
1:55 pm
>> who the post office has a besidebad reputation, yeah, they're cutting off saturday service. >> neil: i welcome that. >> you bring up a great point. it is a very good point. they already have such a bad reputation -- >> neil: isn't this costing us as taxpayers for them to sue? >> yes. >> that's only part of it. >> you're right they have a claim which is why our governments lawyers have filed a suit. that's not the only part of a lawsuit. the other part is, do they have any damages? while he was working with them, they made now and now they are already in such a -- >> neil: would the damages be someone storms into the post office and says, i am never using you guys again because you were sponsoring lance armstrong. >> it's not going to be something like that. they're going to get fewer sponsors next time -- >> neil: i'm a business guy, miss lawyer, and i need quid pro quo. >> treble damages. treble damages. that means three, not four, not
1:56 pm
two treble. >> enjoy your last appearance here. >> treble damages if they can show -- >> neil: might be fond with your blonde on blonde nonsense? >> treble, three times damage. >> neil: done. >> they're not going to stop getting people to promote their brand because years ago lance armstrong may or may not have been up truth. during. >> bay or may not? >> neil: all right. would sue a capry corn. see what happens. you know the meteor and steroid asteroid? who knew the real scare would be manufactured by the president this week. .
1:57 pm
[ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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1:59 pm
>> neil: keep crying wolf, don't be surprised if folks end up howling in laughter. the president warn of catastrophic consequences if we don't stop automatic spending cuts from kicking in it's time to figure something

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